• 什么是网站备案?网站备案和不备案有什么区别?

    根据《互联网信息服务管理办法》第四条的规定,国家对经营性互联网信息服务实行许可制度;对非经营性互联网信息服务实行备案制度。未取得许可或者未履行备案手续的,不得从事互联网信息服务。 …

  • 阿里云服务器需要备案么?

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    Error establishing a Redis connection

    read error on connection to

    WordPress is unable to establish a connection to Redis. This means that the connection information in your wp-config.php file are incorrect, or that the Redis server is not reachable.

    • Is the correct Redis host and port set?
    • Is the Redis server running?

    If you need help, please read the installation instructions.

    To disable Redis, delete the object-cache.php file in the /wp-content/ directory.